A Bold Custom Sideboard Project for a Growing Business

Posted on Nov. 12, 2021 - 09:01

Office design can be a tricky business – trying to find furniture that fits seamlessly and stays on-brand is no mean feat. For those office projects that need to be just perfect, we love to custom make to your design.

So we were overjoyed to be asked to jump aboard an exciting new b2b project, creating two custom-made sideboards for innovative fintech company, Exness. At the heart of a rapidly growing market, Exness needed to expand their offices and asked office design company, Reform Designers, to create a branded space at their HQ in Cyprus.


This office project was anything but dull! Reform Designers requested two of our ever-popular sideboards in bold corporate colours of yellow and black. We set to work manufacturing to their exact specifications, and we think the results really speak for themselves.

The finished pieces were placed into two meeting rooms at Exness, and provide a burst of colour that stands out against the cool charcoal surroundings.

We understand that your office design directly reflects who you are as a business, and we love to create bespoke pieces to help you realise your vision.

Got an awkward space to fill? We can tailor make to your measurements. Need to ensure you stay on brand with corporate colours? Of course we can do that too. We can create a sideboard just for you, in any size and any colour.

For a custom-made sideboard as unique as your business, contact us today.

Written by Helen C.

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